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Name: Q
Age: Late 20s
OOC Journal:[livejournal.com profile] anarchicq
Contact info:(AIM,YIM,MSN,Email,ect.) AIM: AnarchicQ, MSN: Q_Slash@hotmail.com

Requested Character: The Darkness/Jackie Estacado
Character Journal: [livejournal.com profile] jackieestacado. I...can't really see Jackie as the journalling or blogging type.
Characters Age: 23
Hero or Villain: Anti-hero, but leaning towards hero. Maybe.
Series of Origin: The Darkness
Universe of Origin: Top Cow
Jackie is extremely loyal to those he cares about. Also he is a man raised around death and killing, so if you screw with him or his friends he will not stop until you're several different kinds of dead.
Background: Jackie was raised in St. Mary's orphanage for the first few years of his life. He was a violent, troubled child who only had one friend, Jenny. Eventually he was adopted by a mob-boss, "Uncle" Frankie Franchetti and was groomed to be the Franchetti's number one hitman. On his 21st birthday, the Darkness, a primal force of chaos, awoke within him.
Eventually Jackie quit the mob, but Frankie saw this as betrayal and in return kidnapped Jenny and killed her. Jackie lured Frankie and his men to a warehouse which he then torched.

Sexuality: Heterosexual and abstinent less he, y'know, die. The Darkness passes from father to son at the moment of conception, killing the previous host so if Jackie were to father a child he would die.
Powers and/or Special Skills: The Darkness is a sentient entity which Jackie struggles to control. When it obeys him he can make any number of things as long as he's in the shadows.
Darklings - Little imp minions.
Wings - Occasionally Jackie has wings.
Darkness Armor - Full body armor that makes him nearly invulnerable to bullets.
Guns - He can make handguns out of the Darkness.
it also makes him much stronger than normal.
He's also skilled in a myriad of mob-related skills like fire-arms, hot wiring cars, bluffing, slight of hand, and intimidation.
Current Location: New York
Anything else we should know? I'm deviating from the storyline right before The Darkness/Batman crossover. Because I am.


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